FAQs of Nepal

Frequently asked question (FAQs) for Nepal Travel

Where is Nepal?

Nepal is a small land lock country located between two big nations India & China in the southern part of Asia. This country is popular by Nature and unique culture and by the nature of people. Nepal has the best mountain view of world and also famous for Trekking & Extreme adventure tour. Capital of Nepal is “Kathmandu”. Kathmandu has many historical arts, Palace museum, stupa, temple which are listed in UNESCO world heritage site. So it is also popularly known by city of Temple.

What are the Highlights of Nepal, why it is unique place for travelers?

One of the smallest countries of south Asia, Nepal is one of the best places to see height hills, Landscape, White Snow Mountain, unique arts and cultural diversity and etc. foreigners feel different taste than other country when they travel Nepal. Nepal is famous for Lumbini; birth place of Lord Buddha “founder of Buddhism” Some of the biggest Hindu temple, museum, ancient royal palace. So, it is the main attraction of pilgrimage site for Buddhist and Hindu. As a country of mountain people comes Nepal for trekking, hiking and adventure activities. World highest mountain “Mt.Everest (8848m)” is also located in Nepal. With Everest other 7 world highest mountain are also located in Nepal. Nepal is also known by best routs for trekking and hiking. The most importantly is you will experience different culture, lifestyle, and different nature of people in different altitude, location, cities etc. and last but not least different typical food in different region that is totally different then other countries.          

How to enter Nepal?

Nepal is land lock country situated between Indian & China. To visit Nepal it is only possible by International flight and road way by Indian and Tibet border. Nepal has only one international airport in Kathmandu however; two international airports are on under construction in Lumbini & Pokhara. On the other hand, we have option for road way which is entry border from China & India. They are:-

  • Kakarvitta, Jhapa (Eastern Nepal; India border).
  • Brigunj, Parsa (Central Nepal; India border).
  • Kodari, Sindhupalchowk (Northen Border; Tibet border).
  • Belhiya, Bhairahawa (Rupandehi, Western Nepal; India border)
  • Jamuna, Nepalgunj (Banke, Mid Western Nepal; India border)
  • Mohana, Dhangadi (Kailali, Far Western Nepal; India border)
  • Gaddachauki, Mahendranager (Kanchanpur, Far Western Nepal; India border)


What is the Visa fee for Nepal?

Nepal has same visa system as other country do. They should have a visa stamp in their valid passport before entering Nepal “on arrival visa”. And guest has to pay certain charge as per their staying to the government of Nepal. However, there is no visa charge for Indian Nationality.

Here are some visa rules for tourist

Visa Facility                                Duration                          Fee

Multiple Entry                             15 Days                           US$25 or equivalent convertible currency

Multiple Entry                             30 Days                           US$40 or equivalent convertible currency

Multiple Entry                             90 Days                            US$100 or equivalent convertible currency

Normally for the visa extension charge is $2 per day that means $30 is for 15 days. Travelers can extend their visa in the department of immigration in Kathmandu or in Pokhara.

What kinds of Hotel are in Nepal?

You can easily find from 5-star category to budget hotel in city area.  However, in village are during trekking there are only a Tea-House or Lodge which have only twin share bed and a table and other basic facility. On the other hand, facility and service of hotel depend upon the category of the hotel. Budget hotel have less facility where as big hotel have a many luxury and good facility like Good restaurant, gym center, massage and spa facility, swimming pool, casino etc. but all the hotel have a clean room, hot and cold water with attach bathroom, free WiFi and etc.

How much luggage we can carry in flight?  

Luggage in the flight depends upon Airline Company. However, in international flight you can carry up to 30-40K.G bag per person where, you can carry about 20 K.G bags per person in domestic flight. You have to pay extra cost for extra K.G of luggage and it does depend upon the Airline Company.

What kinds of Transportation facility are available in Nepal?

Nepal is landlocked country. It is surrounded by big country like India and China. Road way transportation has played a big role in Nepal. Travelers can enter Nepal by two mode of transportation one if by international flight and other option is by road way from Indian and China border.  However, inside the Nepal we have Domestic flight to different city, three rope way (cable car) in there different place (Chandragiri; Kathmandu, Manakaman temple; Kurintar, Kalimchowk “newly open”). We only have one Railway facility in Janakpur.

What is the weather condition of Nepal?

Nepal is a small country with the average leant & Breath of 885K.M & 193 K.M. within this small area it has an altitude of lowly 60m to world highest 8848m. Generally climate of Nepal can be divided into four seasons: - (1.) Pre-Monson season (March – May) this is generally hot season. The atmospheric condition is dusty & windy. Maximum temperature is in the range 39*C to 44*C. The temperatures gradually decrease in northern. (2.) Monsoon Season (June – September) this season is for rainy season. It arrived over eastern Nepal on June 10th and within two or three days it covers whole country. (3.) Post Monsoon Season (October – November) this is the perfect season for trekking and hiking. The weather is fine and sunny. (4.) Winter Season (December – February) it is the cold weather basically northern part is very cold. There is high chance of snowfall in high altitude.

What kind Nature do Nepalese people have?

Nepalese people are friendly people. They do not have any discrimination with cast, religious, skin color. Whenever travelers ask the question they always come forward to answer or help. Nepalese people basically a shy person. However if you get involved conversation with them, they become very frank. Nepalese language is the common spoken language however; young people study in English school and have broken English. Nepalese treat guest as a God so, whenever you travel inside Nepal you are welcome by saying “Namaste”. They offer guest a Nepali Tea as a welcome drinks. And if you are staying for a night they serve and care you as a god and after checkout from home they give a Blessing and flower. They belief getting blessing form elder people is a sign of a good luck for future.

What is Trekking?

Trekking is the challenging outdoor activities which help to improve the physical, mental and psychological ability of human. Unlike hiking is done for multiday per day walking for 5-7 hours depending upon the trekking roots. Trekking is basically done in a Ruler area where there are no vehicles, big building, and infrastructure. Trekking is done for the viewing of beautiful Mountain & Himalayan.

What we except in Trekking?

In Nepal trekking is done far from City area where there is no vehicle service, no infrastructure and no big apartment-Building. It is mostly popular for doing in Hilly and Mountain region, deep inside the nature. People walk in a steely steps, they carry luggage or any product by porter or domestic animals. We find the remote village while trekking with some basic tea-house. You have to pass through big dense Rhododendron, Oak Forest etc. most of the time we follow the small and big river while walking. We see the greenery hills, local people made suspension bridge, waterfall, different flower and fauna etc. we get chance to enjoy locally made food from their local people which are completely different and organic and also good for health.


Which month is better for trekking?

Normally the trekking in Nepal can be done in any time of the year. However we have a huge increase in February, March, April (spring) and September, October and November (autumn). In this month the weather is clean and chance to see amazing view of Mountain peak. Most of the day is sunny gets more warm and easy for walking. While walking we see the different types of flower and fauna. While in winter (December-January-February) season most of the trekking roots are covered by Snow and have maximum cold. The view will totally covered by fogs and snow however travelers come for enjoying with snow.

Is it possible to do trekking in monsoon season?

Monsoon season (June-July-August) is unfavorable time for trekking.  At the time there will be heavy rain. So, it will be difficult time of trekking. There is also risk of landslide or flood in ruler area. There is more chance of trekking roots blocked. Trekking root will be slippery so it will be difficult to walk. There will be a less chance of Mountain View. So, we don’t recommend trekking for travelers in monsoon season.

What facility do Tea House & Lodge have during trekking?

We can find the Tea House while trekking in Himalayan region. Tea House is a normal hose of the local people of the region and for the business purpose they provide accommodation and Local food to the travelers who are in trekking. In the room traveler will get twin share bed with pillow, mattress, blanket and a table. Some of the tea house have a attach bathroom as well. There will be a small dining room for dinner and Breakfast. Some tea houses also have internet (WiFi), Hot Water, Mobile or battery charge which cost extra.

What is the average time for walking during trekking?

Every day we walk for five to seven hours which means (10-14 K.M per day). However it also depend upon the trekking roots sometime we have to walk up and down hills (6-9K.M per day) in same time duration.

What are the benefits to hire a Guide?

Hire a Guide during a trekking make big important to your journey. Guides are a local Nepal people with good English speaking knowledge. Basically guide has a good connection in a Tea House so trekkers do not need to worry for finding a tea house mostly in trekking season. Nepal is a small country with huge different culture and lifestyle then others country so traveler gets chance to learn the history and culture of Nepal from guide. While trekking we find different trekkers cheated by some of local people in that case guide will help you in there. Guide also plays an important role for making itinerary of the trek. And they were always with you when you feel unwell or sick. So, trekking with a guide play an important role for your safety and make your trip fun.

Is it necessary to hire a porter during trekking?

Hiring a porter in the trekking depend with a travelers. Porter makes travelers easy to walk and enjoy the trekking. However, it is important for the older person. Porter helps to carry upto18K.G so it is helpful for those travelers who are old or young or can’t walk with heavy luggage, etc.

Who are responsible for guide and porter insurance, food, accommodation & trekking equipment?

If travelers booked Guide & Porter from the travel company all, the food, accommodation, trekking equipment and insurance are provided by a company so guest does not have to pay nothings for the guide & Porter. Guest can give tips if he like guide and porter job.

How many travelers are needed for trekking/tour?

Trekking is an adventure activity. When it comes with a group it becomes more fun than solo travelers. When you are with your group you don’t feel stress while walking. While walking most of the travelers feel homesickness, so you don’t feel any sickness with group. And most important is group travelers have to pay less cost per person as compare with solo travelers. However, we prefer about 12-15 maximum travelers for a tour or trek. But as per our experience we can also do group of more than 15 person as well.

How many minimum days are needed for Trekking & Tour?

Staying in Nepal depend upon his interest of travels. If travelers come to Nepal to visit nature, history and religious like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan etc. then it will be good for staying between 5 to 10 Days. However, if they have interest for Trekking it is better to stay 10 to 25 Days. It depends upon the trekking roots. But   10 days are enough for short trek in Nepal.

Do travelers should have some experience before trekking?

Nepal has different roots of trekking with different altitude. Difficulty for trekking increase with the increase of altitude However, normal person who can walk for four to five hours every day with a break can easily do the trekking. So travelers who do not have any experience of trekking before can do it.

What physical condition should travelers have before trekking?

Good health makes a good day so good health condition is necessary during trekking. For that you have to maintain and eat a healthy food and better to do some warm-up exercise before start trekking. We do not recommend to those travelers for long trekking who are suffering from Blood pressure, heart decease etc. 

What is the age to do trekking; is it possible by old and children?

There is no age limit for doing trekking. It can be done by children and old age also. Only think it trekkers should be in good health and can walk for four to five hours.

What services can company arrange?

It full depends with travelers for the services they want. However, if you booked form travel company they can arrange all the ground transportation, domestic flight, trekking equipment all type of hotel with breakfast, guide & porter with their insurance and also take care of you meals during trekking. Only thinks travelers have to take care of their personal insurance & personal expenses (Any alcoholic water or cold drinks, WiFi internet, Hot water for shower during the trek and Food bills, bar bills, Laundry etc in Hotel)


Is it necessary to do Insurance before tour/trek; is it possible in Nepal for insurance?

Insurance is the most important document for Trekking. Most of the trekking in Nepal is in High Altitude. Trekking is an adventure activates and adventure activates are always risk, some time travelers fells high altitude sickness and other problem. Insurance company covers Emergency flight service; medical expenses and other lose of the travelers. So, we highly recommending to our valuable guest for insurance before trekking or travel.

Insurance for foreigner is not possible in Nepal, only Nepalese people can do insurance in Nepal

Is it possible to hire trekking equipment in Nepal?

Yes, it is possible to hire or buy trekking equipment in Nepal. You can find lots of shops in center of Thamel; Kathmandu and in Pokhara. However, buying or hiring a trekking gear in Nepal does not have a quality product. They produce by local materials and named after international brand. But buying the trekking equipment is Nepal is in cheap price. If you really think about for saving your money then you can buy trekking gear in Nepal.

What are the conditions of Nepal to do Tour & Trekking after Earthquake 2015 A.D?

Many tourists were scared to come Nepal after 2015 A.D big disaster Earthquake. So we would like to say there is nothing to worry about it. Now it is safe to travel and trekking and most of the historical building and road were fully re-constructed. Nepal is also organizing 2020A.D as a tourism year and we are full prepared and excited about it. And it is our pleasure to welcome to those travelers who have dream to see Everest and other high peak, adventure activities and know about history and the culture of Nepal

How safe is Nepal to travel?

Yes, is it very safe country then other country in world. It is all because of the nature of People of Nepal. Nepal is a multi religious country so you don’t any discrimination with their cast, language, skin color etc. Nepalese people are friendly and welcoming people. They treat guest as a god. As, per the past 10 years record Nepal has hugely improved in Tourism industry.

How high we can travel up to?

Nepal is a Himalayan country out of world top ten mountain Nepal have eight biggest mountain including world highest mountain (Mt.Everest; 8858m). To climb Everest you should fully prepared and also have some climbing experience in before in other mountain. 

What type of food is available in Nepal?

In the city area like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan etc. have verity of foods like Continental, Nepali/Indian, Asian are available. In the part of Thamel; Kathmandu, lake side of Pokhara we find good French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc food. During trekking we can find different kind of local food. It was not well design or attractive however it is very delicious and healthy food.

Is the water during trekking is drinkable?

There is drinking water available during trekking. We would like to bring a bottle for the water where mineral/filter water is available during trek. Cost for the water seems more expensive in hilly area then the city area. Trekkers also have other option to bring water purification tablet. You can use this tablet in normal water.

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