Culturally acceptable behavior

  • Always greeting Nepalese people by joining both hand and saying “Namaste”, It is basically done while meeting and at the time of farewell, never try to hug or handshake or salute while greeting. And always return the same way of greeting that it was offered.
  • Nepalese people of village are shy and give more important to religion and culture. Basically for the women they don’t allow shorts cloth.
  • Takeoff you shoes before entering temple or other religious site.
  • Always go clockwise around stupa and temple.
  • Do not make noise or loud music in the name of festival or any ceremony.
  • Always use your right hand while giving or receiving something from others and while eating food. Never use left hand for this thing (Dirty).
  • Always accept welcome or farewell gift while visiting house. It may be some drinks or food as a welcome and “Khata or simple scarf” as a farewell. Khata and scarf is the sign of good luck.
  • Do not point other people or any things by your hand (not good).
  • Do not display yours private activities like kissing or hogging man and women in public area. These activates are not accepted by Nepalese people in public area.
  • Do not point other by foot and avoid putting your foot on the table or up in the air (not good). Always put your foot on the ground.
  • Do not request for discount or bargaining of any things during trekking. The prices of the item are fixed by the local community however in the city area you can request for discount.
  • Always respect Nepalese people festival, culture and their rule/regulation. Don’t make fun of them.
  • Do not waste the food that you have order. As per Nepalese people wasting a food is completely disrespecting to the god. So, if you’re not so much hungry it’s better to order less or limited food.
  • Always ask for the permission before taking peoples’ photographs.
  • Do not try to touch or take any things without permission related to private property or community property or government property

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